Our firm practices in many diverse areas of litigation defense, and we work with our clients to assess the liability risks and evaluate the defenses of each case.  Some cases are appropriate for settlement, which can include options for a settlement conference with the court or independent, private mediations or arbitrations.  Sometimes a settlement is not a possibility.  In these instances, our attorneys are experienced and prepared to take the case to trial, including trials by jury. 

Fleming Law Office is prepared to provide representation of its clients in the following legal areas at trial: negligence lawsuits, personal injury claims, wrongful death, automobile accident liability, motorcycle liability, pedestrian accidents, fraud and special investigations, premises liability, slip and fall claims, dog bites, Animal Control Act claims, Animals Running at Large Act claims, contractor liability, complex injury, willful and wanton claims, punitive damages, property damage, diminution in value, professional liability, products liability, dram shop claims, nursing home defense and settlement enforcement.


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