Our law firm has expertise in the types of laws governing the variety of issues involved in premises liability actions and defenses available to property owners, businesses, or possessors of land. Premises and property liability cases often involve personal injury lawsuits resulting from alleged slip and falls or injuries on property. This area of the law is named after the location, or premises, which the injury occurs, whether that is on property owned by individuals, families, farm property or farm equipment, landlord and tenant cases, rental property, condominium associations, homeowners’ associations, common areas, garages, parking lots, or other pieces of property. The alleged injuries occurring on property may originate from various sources, including dog bites, horses or farm animals, animals running at large, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or utility vehicle, slip and fall, snow and ice, natural accumulation of precipitation, open and obvious conditions, defects on property, maintenance issues, or other mechanisms of injury.

The State of Illinois has numerous statutes and laws that may govern accidents that occur on property, including, but not limited to: Animal Control Act (Dog Bite Act), Animals Running at Large, Premises Liability Act, Parental Responsibility Law, and numerous other statutes governing activities that occur on land.

The Local Governmental and Government Employees Tort Immunity Act may also apply to affect rights of parties involving injuries on municipal land, streets, sidewalks, and parks and recreational areas.


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