Fleming Law Office has represented numerous clients in automobile accidents, ranging from accidents involving damage caused by slow (or tap) impacts to the total loss of all vehicles involved. Our attorneys analyze the defenses and liability assessments based upon the facts unique to each claim, as automobile collisions can result in damage and injuries to pedestrians, bicycle riders, towing trailers and boats, and passengers of a school bus, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, tractors, farm implements and commercial trucks.

Since every accident is different, we look at the type of injuries claimed and, when appropriate, investigate the existence of a claimant’s prior claims and injuries. Additionally, we look at whether a plaintiff has comparative negligence from their own actions. We also assess whether another driver may have contributory negligence for the injury claims of a plaintiff, and take the steps necessary to protect our clients in this regard – which may include the filing of counterclaims and third-party actions. As always, we discuss these options with our clients in advance of any litigation decision, so that we can weigh the costs and benefits of each litigation strategy.


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