Sometimes a case does not end at the trial court level and an appeal is necessary.  The experience of our attorneys will help to evaluate and assess appellate issues, the strength of the issues on appeal, and take those steps necessary to preserve the record for appeal.  Our firm has represented numerous clients over the years through the appellate process and we achieved the reversal of trial court rulings that hurt our clients and affirmed a trial court victory. 

Our attorneys handle both the trial and appellate court work, allowing us to be familiar with the facts and issues of each case.  Also, we conduct the research and prepare the dispositive motions at the trial court level – with the forethought of preserving possible appellate court issues.  Our firm has over 30 years of experience of drafting appellate court pleadings and appellate briefs and presenting oral arguments.

The appellate practice includes preparing briefs and presenting oral arguments at the District Appellate Court level in the State of Illinois, involving all five districts in the Illinois Appellate Court, and before the Illinois Supreme Court. 


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